C2C files

Cooking to Conserve consists of an introduction that includes a glossary and a bibliography, along with seven lessons, each with a teacher’s guide and learner’s booklet.

C2C1 Lesson One  /  “Trees and Wood: Roots for the Future”

C2C2 Lesson Two / “Fire and Heat: How Wood Burns”

Ursula Shimechero, Materials Production Officer / Dorothy Migadde, Artist / Emily Willingham, Education Consultant / Christopher Davey, Bellerive Foundation Regional Director

C2C3 Lesson Three / “Air and Wind: Enough, but not too much.”

C2C4 Lesson Four / “Fire and Smoke: Water Trees, Not Fires”

C2C5 Lesson Five / “Cutting, Splitting, and Stacking Firewood”

C2C6 Lesson Six / “Faster Cooking: 3 secrets”

C2C7 Lesson Seven / “Fireless Cooking: Making a Haybasket Cooker

C2CIntro Introduction / How to use C2C, Glossary, Bibliography, Acknowledgements.

more on C2C

information about another Bellerive project, the Beni stove


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